What is the tree of life?

The tree of life is a mythological concept related to the thought of sacred tree and was used by Charles Darwin as a metaphor to express the concept of life during the origin of species. The tree shows the relationships and connections among several biological sets, organisms, living and extinct. The tree is also considered to be a connection between the heaven and the underworld and the same tree have been used in different philosophies, spiritual and religions like in Buddhism, lord Buddha received all the enlightenment under Bodhi tree. Then, the Nordic philosophies believed the tree of life is a magical source of knowledge. The symbol is related with insight in the book of Proverbs.

It is related to wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, awareness and insight within one’s self. It is a symbolic representation to find knowledge and awareness in life.

tree of life necklace

What is the tree of life jewelry?

Many people now a day wear tree of life jewelry like pendants, tree of life necklace, bracelets, ear rings, finger rings, considering the significant importance behind it. The trend of these accessories is increasing day by day and it seems non-ending and has become one of the most popular choice of fashion enthusiasts and fashion and jewelry lovers. The jewelry helps one to continue to pursue their goals and to gain more knowledge and helps people to learn more and improve the daily life with the help of knowledge and awareness.

Now days, one can have these tree of life necklaces and jewelries in many shops and online. One can also customize it as per one’s choice and selection. Also, assembled in variety of metals like brass, silver, bronze, etc. and size variations, color variations, accessory type and many more.


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