Nobody is hidden from the new technology

Look around you and we feel that we are still having a privacy in our life. We can keep something secret that nobody else will know. This is the thing that every one of us is believing but hardly it’s true. There are tools and devices available which are now keeping track of you each and every moment what you do, whom you talk, you’re browsing history, call records, videos everything. In summarized form there is nothing private now remaining in our life.

The internet is the biggest culprit in case of this. Now governments and secret service agency are using an advantage of that for keeping a tab on general public. Ever wonder how we are receiving so many mails from vendor we don’t even go. This is because your details are getting captured in each and every system. There are spy cams which are present in street and places where you can see the details of you being recorded. It is like tracking every action of an individual. You can find more about these cams over the net and there are many sites which will offer you the same.

 spy camera

If we see in broader perspective this is a right thing as well if not going into wrong hands. Governments are using this data to reduce corruption in state. Also many terrorist organization are being found using such data. You can find more.

about it over web where the details of these events are present. Spy cams are one such tools which are getting popular. They are small cameras which can be placed anywhere such that the other person will never know what was around him. These all are techniques via which now there is nothing hidden in real terms in this world.

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