Simple Lefroy is the New Century of Classics for Your Bathroom

If you ask the customers, what do they want to fit in their bathrooms and kitchen the answer would be simply Lefroy. The customers have gained trust upon the company so much that they can blindly trust on the fittings and the quality of the products no matter whatever model of the taps or mirrors or lighting they choose. The products are handmade and are made so fine that you cannot find a single con about the product itself.

Goodwill and customer satisfaction

The company sells antique stuff colored with black lacquer which gives the product an antique look and no matter how old the product is, the product will not perish, that’s the guarantee the company provides the customers with the guarantee on the products make the customers rely more on the company and choose the products of the same company to get them fitted into their kitchens and bathrooms etcetera. The company is well known for manufacturing the best kitchen taps than any other company in the same market and competition.

simply lefroy

Look out for the smallest things, they’re not actually a showpiece!

Even the smallest of the products, for example, the soap dish, even that small product is so finely made and sculpted that it rather looks more like a show piece than a soap dish. The customers get full pleasing results after using the products of the company and also refers the company to their near and dear ones.

Products to deal with.

The company deals in products that were famous in the various time periods like, products famous in the 1900s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and much more are being recreated today and also modern shower head with filters are being made. But how to make them looks antique? As discussed earlier, the products that represent the age old famous fittings are colored with several coatings of black lacquer which serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives the old antique look to the product, secondly, it also saves the product from external damages. In fact, all the products are galvanized in order to make the products last even longer.

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