Pros and cons of a high protein diet

Protein diet has become quite a popular choice when you want to lose weight. In this diet plan people often stay eatingprotein rich food only. Following a protein diet has its own share of pros and cons. So before deciding what is right for you can refer to dietagem dietas proteicas. Youcan read about the advantages and disadvantagesbeforedecidingwhether it is for you or not:

dietagem dietas proteicas


There is no doubt that it will be the best choice if you are looking to shred some calories. Protein rich food oftenkeep you feel fuller. Thus you may feel full even in smaller quantity. Protein rich foods takes lot of time to get digested thus helping in weight loss. Eating full and shredding works out with most of the people as they can easily stick to it. Peoplereligiouslyfollowing a protein diet can see reduction in their cholesterol levels. As it remainsmuch more time in stomach people tend to eat less. They are also quite low in calories and build up your muscle.


Sometimes high protein diet can lead to rapid weight loss thus causing headaches and irritation. Some of the food contain saturated fats which are not always good for your body. So it is advised to side it in with fruits and vegetables.

What is best for you?

If you are looking for a sudden change in your health or quick weight loss, then you can certainly follow up a protein diet and get the desired results. But this also work if you want to lose a great deal of weight. In order to get better results you have to stay with the diet for few weeks andchoose lean and healthy proteins. Dietagem dietas proteicas doesn’t mean you have to eat only protein. Try combining with fibers and vegetables. High protein can add stress to your body. So if you have some liver or kidney problems better get consultation from your dietician.

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