How are computers responsible for the decrease of IQ LEVELS?

With the rise of technologies, human civilization has been developed to the extreme stage and computer has a tremendous contribution in this. No can think about the progress of any work or institution with thecomputer. But every good thinghas a dark side too. The computer is no less different in this case. There are some harmful effects which are caused by using computers.

computer system

How does it affect

In modern days, no one can go ahead without computers and this is the problem as people stick to the computers and other computing devices. Besides the important works, people can spend a lot of time doing useless jobs including purchasing products from the online stores, booking tickets, and some others. You don’t need to go anywhere and you can save a lot of time. It seems good for a busy person. But on the other hand, it also reduces the working and exploring ability.

Somehow it also affects the intellectual levels. You don’t need to remember as you have a computing gadget and can get the information what you want. As a result, you cannot obtain any kind of knowledge if you don’t have a computing device. Reading and remembering things enriches the brains of men but now the opportunity has gone. Cultivating thoughts one can be mentally strong.

computer system

Easy to calculate

When you are busy in calculating maths you are gaining a level of IQ but too much using a computer you cannot achieve that kind of IQ. There are many websites which provide ready-made information. The ability in students can be hampered by the much availability. Students should hard work and find their answers which are good for their comprehensive studies. This is surely the drawback of computers. Using too much computer and other gadgets can make a boy dull also as the young generation are lacking interest in outdoor games and in other activities.

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